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January 29, 2024
Digital Marketing / Google Ads

01. Background & Objectives

Kiltist.com, a prominent brand specializing in Scottish clothing, engaged in a long-term collaboration with our team to enhance its online presence, expand product offerings, and increase sales. The project involved the development of over 700 unique designs for kilts, outfits, sporrans, and tartan vests.

The primary goal was to establish Kiltist.com as a leading online destination for Scottish clothing and accessories, while achieving substantial growth in sales and brand recognition. But there was more to it and that was connecting with the audience and customers on an emotional level. Kiltist wanted to offer real value to the Scottish heritage and culture for the people with Celtic Backgrounds.

“I always wanted to do something that had to do with both culture and business at the same time. That comes from my education in English Literature and my love for Digital Economics. When I found out I could do business with Scottish Clothing, that was it. I had both. Art and Science at the same time. What more could I ask for?”
– Ceo @ Kiltist

a. Cultural Significance

The inclusion of products like kilts and Scottish outfits in the Kiltist brand highlights their strong cultural ties. To truly grasp the essence of Kiltist and effectively connect with their audience, it was imperative to delve into the cultural background, understand the sentiments of their target demographic, and study the values and traditions that underpin these iconic Scottish garments. This comprehensive understanding allows Kiltist to not only offer products but also to engage with their audience on a deeper level, honoring the rich heritage and cultural significance of Scottish attire.

b. Offering Value and Sentiment, not just sales

In addition to its cultural significance, Kiltist provides more than just products; it offers value and a connection to something cherished. Each kilt or Scottish outfit becomes a symbol of pride and identity, fostering a sense of belonging among its wearers. Kiltist transcends commerce by offering not just a product, but an experience to care for and hold dear.

02. Working Process and Strategy

The most important phase of the first three months was building brand awareness across the Scottish community. Various sources were used for that. Those tactics would be more than brand awareness. This was to help with bringing initial sales and prove the pillars of the brand as well.

a. Google Ads Campaign

Google ads are a proven method to bring sales and make a thorough impression regarding brand awareness. We used Google Ads combined with Google Merchants to target the shopping audience in USA.

A $2500 budget was allocated for Google Ads, which resulted in 1.9 million impressions and 8 thousand clicks.

b. Social Media Engagement

  • A targeted strategy was implemented on Facebook and Instagram to connect with the audience at a cultural and sentimental level.
  • We used Meta ads, and that was fueled by reels, product images with creative designs and even memes.
  • We also connected with the Scottish community on Facebook groups to establish a bond and harmony with them on the behalf of Kiltist.

c. Market Research

  • In-depth interviews and questionnaires were conducted within the Scottish and Irish communities to understand preferences, affordability, and interests.
  • This data-informed product development and content creation strategies.

d. Cultural Connection through Content

  • Content creation focused on rich cultural narratives, resonating with the sentimental values of the target audience.
  • This approach fostered a deeper connection with customers, enhancing brand loyalty.

e. SEO Strategy

  • A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented, resulting in a domain authority of 34.
  • Almost a thousand keywords rank in the top 100 on Google, driving organic traffic to the site.

f. Authentic Link Building

An authentic link-building strategy was employed to enhance the website’s credibility and search engine ranking.

03. Celebrating the Results

a. Sales Growth

First-quarter sales in Q4 of 2022 exceeded $8000, indicating a substantial return on investment.

b. Online Presence

Google Ads generated 1.9 million impressions and 8 thousand clicks, significantly boosting visibility.

c. Social Media Engagement

The brand experienced a significant increase in Facebook likes (3,000) and Instagram followers (10,000), demonstrating successful audience engagement.

d. SEO Success

  • The site achieved a domain authority of 34, reinforcing its position as an authoritative source.
  • Nearly a thousand keywords rank in the top 100 on Google, driving organic traffic.

e. Cultural Connection

The strategy of connecting with the audience at a cultural and sentimental level resulted in increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

00. As we sum up!

The collaboration with Kiltist.com exemplifies a successful long-term partnership, blending digital marketing strategies with cultural understanding. Through a combination of Google Ads, social media engagement, market research, and SEO tactics, Kiltist.com has achieved substantial sales growth and has become a recognized and trusted brand in the Scottish clothing market. The case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a holistic approach that integrates digital marketing with authentic cultural connection strategies.